BW Photo a Day challenge 008/014

008/014 - Dec. 4, 2017 - Victoria Park Station pathway to Teesdale

A soft-focused photo aka a blurry-ass photo. These are always a pain, especially in the middle of a photo challenge where I have to post at least one image daily. Again, I had 24 full hours to shoot outside and capture something, anything special and just couldn't come through. 

Photo 008 Story:
Parked near VP. Station there's pathway that's connected to the station. This is where I decided to line up this shot. Now in my LCD screen it looked so sharp but this is what I got, a blurry shot. I have to do more research on the RICOH GR and it's low-light capabilities because I'm not to hype about the slow focus and pixelated output. I'm sure it's more me than the actual camera so I'll report back once I read up on it tonight.


Taha MuharumaComment