BW Photo a Day challenge 006/014

Still struggling with time-management but fighting through it by at least bringing my RICOH everywhere that I go. I can be better. On a lighter note, I'm enjoying the black and white restriction, I feel it's helped me see more of the details found in the every-day.

006/014 - Dec. 2, 2017 - Devonshire Pl. & Bloor St. W.

Photo 006 story:
On route to Bay and Bloor, I found myself stuck in the car once again. Just before I hit Bloor St. I saw a person taking a south facing picture. I wondered, "what's she taking a photo of? So I looked into my rear-view mirror I saw the CN Tower. I actually stopped my car a few yards before the stop sign and took a couple of frames. This was the result.

Good night!