BW Photo a Day challenge 004/014

004/014 - Nov. 30, 2017 - Victoria Park and Danforth

I knew today was going to be busy so capturing a quality photo would be a real challenge. But I still carried my RICOH with me everywhere just in case the moment presented itself.

It started off with garbage day/ brown bags (leaves). Then a walk to the barbershop to get cleaned up. I had a portrait shoot with soul singer Tanika Charles in the afternoon with images that needed to be edited same day. Nevermind that later in the evening I wanted to support my friends at GFC for their new sneaker launch with PUMA. All that to say... here's what I got.

Photo 004 story:

One of the busier intersections in the east end VP & Danforth usually has something going on. I took this from my car. I'll be quite honest, this is my weakest shot submitted thus far. The composition is well done, but there's nothing special about it. I'm learning quickly that you have to make time in your day to create quality images. Period. Lesson learned.


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