Why I needed a BW Photo a Day challenge... (day 1 & 2)

RICOH GR - shot on the Samsung Galaxy NOTE8

The last few months have come with a lot of change. You could say I'm in a little bit of a rut! In September 2017 I stepped down as Social Media Director at Brimz Hat Boutique, hard to believe I was there for 4 1/2 years! Though I feel overall I did a solid job, I just felt it was time to move on. My fitness is at an all-time low right now, my overall energy is just not where it should be. So I'm back in the gym and maaaan is it ever hard to stay focused and motivated. Lastly, I haven't been getting out in the streets, shooting. 
This has lead to more thinking and less doing than I would like.

So when my friend Shanik let me borrow his RICOH GR - point and shoot camera, I felt a little change in me. A spark to try something new. The camera's been pretty easy to navigate and understand the controls. But after a few days of snapping away I started to feel uninspired again. But why? I knew I needed a challenge, something that would force me to work on my craft EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I've decided to do a small "Photo A Day" Challenge for 14 days.

My rules are pretty simple:
- shoot only on the RICOH GR
- shoot only in black & white
- micro-blog the best image I took that day
- post each night by

As of right now; Tuesday, November 28, 2017, I've shot for two consecutive days. Here's what I captured on day one and two.

001/014 - Nov. 27, 2017 College just west of Shaw, Toronto, ON

001/014 - Nov. 27, 2017 College just west of Shaw, Toronto, ON

Photo 001 story:
As I began my long walk from Queen & Shaw to Ossington subway station I had the RICOH ready, looking for moments. By the time I got to College St. there was a lot of action going on, it was the beginning of rush hour. I loved the bright lights shining above this Pizzeria, very vintage. The streetcars on College come quite often so I just tried to time it so a couple would pass through my frame. Not bad... I wish would've caught a couple of passer-by's in the frame to give it more life. Maybe I could've gotten lower and also, framed it vertically (portrait), but what can you do? Live and learn #streetsoul

002/014 - Nov. 28, 2017 Shaw St, Toronto, ON

Photo 002 story:

Good light this morning and it was actually a little warmer than it may look. This was pretty easy to spot from the distance. A man and his dog. I wanted to feel the light in the frame, I did just that. I took a couple other nice ones but this made the final cut. #streetsoul

See y'all tomorrow night at 9pm.


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