A Sully Wong story...

I met George Sully for the first time a couple of years ago at a small trade show inside the Gladstone Hotel. I remember hearing the excitement in his voice when he shared his vision for the future of Sully Wong. I recall thinking to myself, "that's the kind of person I want to work with– someone passionate, honest and determined. Finally, two weeks ago that meeting came full circle. I saw Sully downtown on a side-street sitting on his all-black motorcycle. “Taha!,” he yelled. We chopped it up for a few. "I've got some new things in the works, let's build!” And, I was ready to shoot! Here is my Sully Wong visual story. It's based on the release of three of their classic SW backpacks: The A.B.E., The Kyojin and the Nomad II. I was inspired by the durability of each back, the leather finish and the element of ruggedness to withstand life in the city.

Peace to my friend and model @AstonSauce for bringing my images to life. #streetsoul


Bag: Kyojin 

Based out of Toronto, Canada,
Sully Wong produces a striking collection of premium sneakers, stylish bags comprising of backpacks, messengers, duffels, totes, and headwear. Sully Wong is the original collaboration between designers George Sully and Henry Wong. Together the team focuses on handcrafted designs infused with their brand of Canadian-Asian cultural inspiration.

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