48 Hours with BMW

Let's be clear off the top- I am not a "car guy." You're more likely to find me riding my bike, walking or TTC-ing around the city with camera in hand. But when @BMWCanada asked me to test out the new #6series for 48 hours and capture its unique features, I was up for it because I love a great challenge. I wanted to explore the quality and standard that I've heard sets BMW apart from the others.

The first day I wanted to get the hang of the car, so I drove out to Liberty Village, then hopped on the DVP, stopped over at Cherry beach and then finally headed to my old stomping grounds... East York. I had the windows down with Kendrick bumping through the impressive Harman Kardon speaker system. I stopped at each location, took a few photos and really got to know the car a bit better. 

BMW 6series

BMW 6series

Overall it was a smooth and safe ride, but you're always reminded of the car's 445-hp when you touch the gas. If I had another week, I'd love to take it out of the city for a nice, long ride down the 115. Although my experience with this car was brief, it's easy to see the incredible quality, passion and innovation immediately. 

Thank you to @BMWCanada for the great opportunity. Take a look at some of the photos I documented while runnin' through the 6! 



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