Too Black Guys - Return of a Classic

“Inspired by the 'do for self' sentiment of early 90’s hip hop, Too Black Guys aimed to represent the black experience in an unapologetic way." - Adrian Aitcheson, Founder

The honesty and focus of those words above really resonated with me as I began brainstorming a visual story for the Too Black Guys brand. I had a few strong conversations with Adrian and we decided a monochrome, minimalist feel would keep the clothing at the forefront. In terms of locations I thought larger, symmetrical structures like the Gardiner Expressway would feel a bit futuristic and escort the brand into a new audience. 

It was a true honour to work with this iconic Toronto brand and I look forward to future collaborations. Here are a few visuals of how the story played out.


Videographer: Shanik T.

Stylist: Conway Stone

Model: Cruz

Shot on location in Toronto, Canada

Taha MuharumaComment