I am Taha Noor Muharuma

Photo: Jonny Daring

Photo: Jonny Daring


My name is Taha Noor Muharuma and I am creative human being.

My mother is white, Canadian, Irish decent. My late father is black, from Tanzania. I have a brother and two beautiful sisters. I grew up in East York but now live downtown with one of the greatest to ever do it @livfully. I’m the Social & Brand Manager for @brimzofficial, a cozy, Toronto hat shop that specializes in #fedoras and local street wear. I’ve been teaching mobile photography to kids, 8-14 years old at The Study Academy for the past 3 years. Through Instagram and other social platforms I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many brands as an Influencer, Brand Ambassador and Curator. I love what I do!

I also love comedy, I love making people laugh. I love kids, working with likeminded, talented, positive people. I love fashion, history, Jazz and Indian food! But most of all I love breaking out of the boxes I have created for myself. I say all this because I want to share more of what I'm passionate about, what I do and what I WANT to do in the future. At times I think I forget that this is my feed, my work, my life!

So here’s to slowly exposing myself, I encourage you to try it some time.



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